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9/11 WTC Oddities, Collapse photos, Spire, UFO'S

WTC north tower 1 9 11 01 south tower collapse

orb ufo twin tower collaspse 2 9/11collapse39/11 spire north tower towers spire 2 September 11 picture
UFO unidentified object WTC photo fake south tower collapse 911
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tower fall twin tower demolition hit

If the floors of the towers simply fell on one another, gravity would have let them fall DOWN.
The photo above left shows the building exploding UPWARDS.

orb and missile object not identified engine exitmissile exit 9/11 helicopter
The picture above left shows what looks to be a missile ejecting from the blast, as well as another object which looks suspended,
there is no blur, or smoke trail as in the other objects.

The picture above right, shows a helicopter, if this was the press, why were they allowed to stay? Before either building had collapsed,
There was still suspicion as to how many planes were un-accounted for.

blast tower collapse

tower collapse

plane hit

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